Monday, September 21, 2009

Tea Things Tuesday

Kim at hosts Tea Things Tuesday. Thank you Kim (so glad you didn't stop with Teacup Tuesdays).

This week in honor of fall I am showing my Ganz teapot and two cups that I got in North Dakota.

The basket had flowers in it and was a gift from my parents in 1989, when I had a particularly heinous operation. The military flew me from Florida to San Antonio, Texas. I was gone nearly 2 months over Christmas and my youngest son did not remember me when I got home, oh ya, heinous, but, I digress....

I found the tray at Goodwill for $3.00 I absolutely love it. I think someone made it. When I washed it some of the stain came off so I think I'll put a coat of varnish or some sealant on it. The candle and little holder I found at Cracker Barrel, as well as the Indians.

Now if the Indians appear to be sweating that is probably because I managed to drop Mr. Indian and broke him clean apart in 3 pieces; feet, torso, and head. Sad.... luckily Elmer's fixed it right up and he's good as new...

just a little nervous! ha

Happy Tea Things Tuesday!!!!!


Mary said...

Hi Valerie, Sounds like you had quite a time with that surgery..I hope you're all over it now. The teapot is beautiful, just beautiful, and with matching cups, a lovely gift from your parents. I love the glad you were able to put it back together...the tray is the wicker bottom. I think a coat of lacquer is a good idea. Beautiful fall look for tea!


Duchess of Tea said...

Hello darling, I am here to introduce myself to you as a new member of Tea Things Tuesday. I am delighted to join such a group of amazingly talented ladies who like me enjoy the ceremony of tea. Today I posted my first TTT and I am looking forward to many more Tuesdays. I did enjoy your post…a lovely teapot indeed. I joined your followers and will add your blog to my blog-roll.

Have a marvelous Tuesday.

Love & Hugs

Bunny said...

Very beautiful teaset. Love it.

Shabby Kim said...

Valerie, that is one gorgeous tea set you have. Just perfect for the Fall season. It's wonderful that you can use it for serving tea and also just as a seasonal display. Adding your little Indians to the vignette makes it even better.

Have a wonderful week and as always, thanks for joining me for Tea Things Tuesday. It is such a please to have you be a part of our small, but hopefully ever growing group


Theresa @ Take A Sentimental Journey said...

Cute,cute Valerie ! Great tray also. We need to swap surgery stories sometime, LOL . I call mine the surgery from hell, LOL !

Vicki said...

Hi, Valerie,
I always look forward to see what tea things you have for us each Tuesday. Your teapot and cup look very much like autumn. They are both so cute. I also love the (nervous) indians. Don't you love Elmer's glue. I use it all the time to mend things. Sending autumn blessings your way. Vicki

Theresa @ Take A Sentimental Journey said...

I can't believe I haven't been following you ! Did you just put followers on your blog ?
Well anyway I am clicking on it to follow you now, LOL .