Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Did I mention it was snowing?

Yesterday the rain began...

and the wind began to howl ...
and the temperature dropped.  

By evening we had...

a very ominous looking evening.

The wind howled all night and the snow piled into drifts and by morning we had...

A heavy, wet, snowy, winter wonderland!

Oops! Can't get out the back door.

Reach around and snap this picture. There is the mighty Kia to the right, the chicken coop to the left. (Us chickens ... I think not.)

 Luckily we can get out the front door cause you wouldn't like me when I start to feel claustrophobic! 

I love how the snow just sat there and let me take its picture. No screen, it is just stuck that way.

Out the front door. 

Oh no, too cold and windy! Back inside where it is nice and warm.

Love how this tree looks. 

Almost half the country has had some wicked weather. Hope everyone is safe and warm!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

The end of the weekend

Well I finished my doily for the Crochet along hosted by Glor at 
I used 
a variegated thread consisting of yellow, baby blue, green, and pink. 
Really makes me think of cotton candy and Easter when I look at it.

Thank you Glor I had a wonderful time with this!

We are not thinking of Easter at this time here in North Dakota, we are all waiting for winter to hit. The snow is supposedly set to begin sometime Wednesday or Thursday. While driving home today from church we passed this sign.
Ya, nice thought but I don't think it's going to work! 

Hope you have a cozy week.

I will also be linking up with Sally at for Blue Monday. One of the colors in the doily is a light baby blue. Happy Blue Monday!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


 You may think this post is about my first set of china, China Garden Prestige, that I acquired in the early '80s, but really that is not the focus today.

 You may think it is about the doily and coasters I made while I was in Alaska, but really those are not the focus today.

The focus today is not the blue glasses from Pier 1 or the napkins or centerpiece I picked up along the way.

The focus today is on this sweet silverplate I picked up recently.


There are 8 matching forks, spoons, and knives. There are 2 matching salad forks and I picked up 6 of another pattern to mix if I needed to. There are 2 serving spoons, a cake server, and 2 tablespoons. Two other forks I liked came home with me too. Would you like to know (oh I just have to tell you) how much this all cost? Ready... $6.50. The way I look at it - that's a lot of fun for six dollars and fifty cents!

Thought I would add the salad forks and a Cuningham & Picket, Inc., Norway Rose salad plate.

One of the old rules was your knife pointed toward the plate, remember?

 Napkin on the outside unless not enough room, then under the silverware.

I love the room we have now for artistic interpretation in our table setting and so many of the tables I have seen are truly works of art.

A simple table, a simple meal served with love and ...

really cool silverware!

I will be linking to Thrifty Thursday sponsored by Leigh of Bloggeritaville at Tales from Bloggeritaville
 Thank you Leigh for hosting!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Blue Monday - Cafe

Welcome to my Blue Monday post.
Blue Mondays are hosted by Sally at Thank you Sally!

If you are ever in Rugby, North Dakota and are feeling the urge for a hamburger or some delicious coffee you might want to consider...

Do you like the flags reflected in the window? US, Canadian, and North Dakota. Just a hop, skip, and a jump to Canada from here.

They blatantly advertise they are the home of Toe Jam. Hum... I did not stop to peruse the selection or purchase any of the products at this time. 

Anyway, they also have quite a bit of blue around the place.

Bazooka Bubble Gum tin,

Doggie treat tin...

and this wall of license plates, primarily in blue.

Hope you are enjoying your Blue Monday!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Heart of the Home

Welcome to our cottage kitchen!

And thank you very much Sheila at for inviting us to your Heart of the Home party!

I Cor. 13:13 And now abide faith, hope, love, these three; but the greatest of these is love.

We shined up our sink.

We looked to the right and...

to the left.

We checked from up above and...

down below and are pleased to invite you in. Please come on in!

Our little cozy kitchen where we have been known to have chefed up a chiffon cake in the past.

Normally Little Companion and I have this ladder out because well, we are not as tall as some.

I bought this blender at a thrift store. It even had the cover still with it. It works great. It reminds me of one my mom had way back when.

Thank you for visiting our cottage kitchen. We leave the light on and folks tend to come through the back door here. Come on in and chat for awhile.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Blue Monday - Doiley

We are joining Sally today over at for Blue Monday. Thank you, Sally, for hosting!

My most recent crochet doily just happens to be ...

(Imagine that)

This is the Harmony pattern from the Leisure Arts Absolutely Gorgeous Doilies book and is worked with a #7 crochet hook and size 10 South Maid crochet thread.

Let's put my Crate and Barrel teapot on it along with the vase my youngest daughter crafted some years ago.

Now we are going to need a teacup. Let's use the Royal Doulton in the Elegy pattern. See the sweet little blue flowers!

Now put it on a tray and tote it over yonder.

My dulcimer stand doubles just perfectly as a tray table!

Okay, ready for tea. 

Happy Blue Monday!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Out and about

Little Companion and I had many little tasks to accomplish today and I must say we did well.

In addition to the mundane... post office, store, etc., we took some time out to have a little park fun.

The grasshoppers were plentiful. 

We were very happy that little Flynnie did not pull on his leash today. 
(So happy in fact I had to post about it.)

After visiting the post office we saw that the firefighters were having a pumpkin give away. So... I pulled into the parking lot of the itty bitty store and encouraged Little Companion to jump out and ask some questions. 

She answered a question about fire safety and they graciously put this guy in our van and off we drove.

Of course when we got back to where we hang our hats she wanted to carve it, immediately.

Oh why not.

I'll carve if you clean Little Companion. (Now where are those knives the Rainbow Vacuum guy gave me ...)

Hahahahahah! Look at that face!

Okay, she was really happy with the end result.

Better after it got a little darker.
Beautiful fall day today.

Looking forward to the Lord's day tomorrow!