Saturday, June 27, 2009

I found this intriguing

I found this in a shop I visited on Thursday. I was really intrigued by it, so I brought it on home with me.

Let's explore.

Someone had this needle work framed in Little Rock Arkansas.

Masking tape, hmmm

It was stretched over this cardboard and stapled on. I did not take the staples off to look a the back, did not want to accidently damage it.


Are you not feeling so like Geraldo right now? Huh, ya????

Well, there you have it. I was hoping it was signed or we had some clue as to why it was so special to someone. I put it all back the way it was, will do some more cleaning on the outside of the glass before it makes a permanent home on my wall.

So, if you know anything about it I would sure love to know more. But if not it's okay because I still think it's lovely.

Thanks for taking this journey with me my friends!

Friday, June 26, 2009

My room

Well Wednesday I got curtains up in my room. First had to make a trip to Lowes because even though through the years I have bought hundreds of dollars worth of tools, I found I had been left with a very small flat head screwdriver and a hammer. I blame the Big Kahuna and the merry band of boys for this (you know who you are). At one point even had a toolbox but alas, all gone. Well, that means I get to start fresh right? Okay, here is a corner of the room before...

and here are the tools I bought...

I opted for this Black and Decker 3/8 inch electric drill with a keyless chuck. I could have gone with a cordless, lighter one, but you just never know when you might have the urge to drill or screw something up (ha), and your battery might not be charged... and when I want a project done I want it done NOW, ya I'm like that, so this was a good option for me. Plus it came with this really cool soft sided bag! Got a set of drill bit thingies, a yardstick (also comes in handy to close vents on your ceiling) and cup hooks for the tie backs.

Add that to the tools I had, a pencil and a hammer, and these are basically what I used.
A little note here, Big Kahuna thinks it takes 3 trips to the hardware store to complete a task like this, took me one, never will understand that mentality. Oh, and while I do not name my houses, I do name my hammers. This is the Truper, had Old Hickory before him.


Okay, here we go...

another look...

Starting to come together. Will show the rest some other time.


Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Teacup Tuesday

Kim at Shabby, Pink and Pretty hosts Teacup Tuesday and has a wonderful blog. Thanks Kim!

Today I am sharing my "where it all began teacup and saucer."

This is China Garden Prestige pattern.

I have had this china set for most of my adult life (since I was about 22 or 23). This was one of the patterns you picked up in the grocery store, if you bought enough groceries then you could buy a piece at a discount price. I didn't have much money (raising 4 kids at that point) and we didn't go through that much food at the time (kids were little), so I asked my work friends and family to help and then would pay them back the discounted price. I ended up with a huge set with about 15 place settings. This is the set my kids (5 of them) grew up on. This set of dishes has been all over the US with us and none of the dishes have ever broken during a move.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Out and about

Out and about day again today. We made kind of a big loop from Tampa area to the Atlantic Ocean and back today. So, took 60 east, passing through Yeehaw Junction on our way. While on this road my little companion asked where we were headed, we said to Burger King for a Mocha Joe. You know it took us 104 miles to find a Burger King on this road! Oh ya, we got our Mocha Joe!

At Vero Beach we turned north. This was a nice little park.

How cool is this sailboat!

(Big Kahuna, if you read this, keep this in mind for next anniversary, K, ya? Thanks!)


Nice breeze, about 90 degrees, not bad by the water, love the water!

Headed up US 1, turned west at Melbourne, 192 through Kissimmee. Little companion and I decided that was where we want to live. She asked where we were, I replied the greatest place on earth! I think she decided she would be a singer at Medieval Times. I'm not sure but I think her nurse practitioner mother rolled her eyes at this. We didn't go to Disney today but we were still really happy just being that close! So many fun things to do and see.


But today, alas we had to finally return home to our modest abode (pictured below) and our faithful pocket poochie.

Alright, alright, just kidding, but how cool would that be!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Teacup Tuesday

It's Teacup Tuesday!

My Teacup today

I don't know much about this cup. It is marked Clare bone china England. I believe it was made sometime before 1951 because it does not have a crown in the marking.


Kim hosts Teacup Tuesday over at Shabby, Pink and pretty. Thanks Kim!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Out and about

Saturday went for a drive. Wanted to see how far Clearwater, Florida was and get a feel for what all was out there. Finally stopped at Sand Key Park for a little walk on the beach before returning home. Had a good time.

Never been parasailing, but how fun would that be!

Friday, June 12, 2009

My picture painting days

A couple of years ago I was fortunate enough to have spent 6 months in Bluffton, SC, just west of Hilton Head Island. During this time I experienced what we shall call an artistic "binge period." So I painted and dabbled at other artsy thangs. I had my paintings all over the condo and when a fresh one appeared that my little companion liked she would gently tuck it under her arm as she left the condo, and take it home. I can honestly say that I cannot really judge my own work (my parents raised a child with good self-esteem) so I fully plan on subjecting anyone reading this blog to my artwork. Now remember, these are the ones left behind by my little companion so are not the pick of the crop according to her (she would have been 3 and 4 at that time).

This one you may recognize from my header (hopefully). I took the photograph and then looked at the the photograph to paint it.

Some prairie pictures

Remember, I was born in Wyoming...

And traveled back to Wyoming and Colorado nearly every summer to see both my father's folks and my mother's folks.

Dabbled in dough art a bit...

Now abidith faith, hope, and love, but the greatest of these is love. I Cor. 13:13

Lastly, for now, we come to one of my favorite pictures. It was one of my first. I call this picture...


In case of flash flood climb to safety.


It always amazed me driving through the Rocky Mountains that there would be nearly shear cliffs, a tiny river at the bottom of a ravine, and a sign that read in case of flash flood climb to safety. I'm saying that before you venture onto a road like this, with a sign like that, you better make sure you're living right, because you just might not make it up that there cliff!


Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

We made it!

Start out with a picture of Steve. I missed him when he went back to Oklahoma. He made it through another semester of college. It was sure nice to see him again!
We made it safely to Florida without any undue problems. We were fortunate to be able to see a lot more of the USA. Always nice to see rural America! We were able to take a short break in Hannibal, Missouri, home of Mark Twain. My dad tells me I had been there before so this was not my first trip, but is the first one I can remember! It was well worth a second look.

We got to see the middle of the mighty Mississippi...

On this riverboat...

It was rather chilly generally and so we were able to leave the pocket poochie in the car and turn this perfectly respectable little girl into....

A pod person.
We had a lot of fun on the riverboat cruise up on the top deck and she was later able to transform back.

We also got to go through Mark Twain's cave. That was scary enough for my littlest companion and me. She was so scared she....

Got to hold the guide's flashlight, which she did an excellent job of.

Hannibal, Missouri was an interesting place. You can very well imagine Huck and Tom and their boyhood days along the Mississippi. We were fortunate to be able to see Hannibal and were grateful to arrive at our next destination in Florida. Have a great week!