Friday, June 12, 2009

My picture painting days

A couple of years ago I was fortunate enough to have spent 6 months in Bluffton, SC, just west of Hilton Head Island. During this time I experienced what we shall call an artistic "binge period." So I painted and dabbled at other artsy thangs. I had my paintings all over the condo and when a fresh one appeared that my little companion liked she would gently tuck it under her arm as she left the condo, and take it home. I can honestly say that I cannot really judge my own work (my parents raised a child with good self-esteem) so I fully plan on subjecting anyone reading this blog to my artwork. Now remember, these are the ones left behind by my little companion so are not the pick of the crop according to her (she would have been 3 and 4 at that time).

This one you may recognize from my header (hopefully). I took the photograph and then looked at the the photograph to paint it.

Some prairie pictures

Remember, I was born in Wyoming...

And traveled back to Wyoming and Colorado nearly every summer to see both my father's folks and my mother's folks.

Dabbled in dough art a bit...

Now abidith faith, hope, and love, but the greatest of these is love. I Cor. 13:13

Lastly, for now, we come to one of my favorite pictures. It was one of my first. I call this picture...


In case of flash flood climb to safety.


It always amazed me driving through the Rocky Mountains that there would be nearly shear cliffs, a tiny river at the bottom of a ravine, and a sign that read in case of flash flood climb to safety. I'm saying that before you venture onto a road like this, with a sign like that, you better make sure you're living right, because you just might not make it up that there cliff!


Have a great weekend!


heidikay_2002 said...

Your pictures are so pretty!

Cass @ That Old House said...

Hi Valerie!
Nice to meet you! I'm glad you are visiting my blog, and even gladder that you left a comment so i could visit YOU!

I like your paintings! I ventured once into painting, did a sailing ship and gave it to an old boyfriend; I wonder if he still has it, and if it's in his attic or did he sell it at a yard sale?

But lately I've been feeling the urge to paint again, maybe from watching my daughter Anne and her art studies in college. But I want to paint BIG paintings -- don't know why. If I ever get up the nerve to do so, I'll blog about it! And subject you to pictures!

Keep painting! It's a lovely way to share your talent.

Theresa @ Take A Sentimental Journey said...

Wow Valerie you were on a good roll there with the paintings.They are really good !!

Katie said...

Love the humor of those signs. I live in the desert, and man oh man let me tell you it gets hot. 110 to 115 degrees for days on end til it finally cools down to 108 for weeks and weeks.

We do however have some cold, a touch of snow too.

So on my way home, just as you begin the climb into a mountain pass that hits only about 4,000 feet, there is a sign that says "Caution Ice May Be Present", and it just cracks all of us up when it's 115 degrees out!