Friday, July 31, 2009

Finally Friday!!!

Well, haven't we had the busy week! We had 4th in line child, 2nd in line son, drop by for a little visit on their way to DISNEYWORLD!!!! He brought his lovely wife and adorable boy child with him. I had a horrible time trying to get a good picture.

Look, there is (are, am, be... take your pick) little companion, adorable boy child, and pocket poochie!

But, alas the trio (son, wife, and adorable boy child) moved on and it's Friday. Little companion and I had our usual Friday Dairy Queen, old car show, shopping spree, and then SHE pooped out. So here I am... what shall I do....

I found this the other day,

so, let's play with dishes!!!!!

Today we will be using our Homer Laughlin Skytone. Our dishes are from the 1950's. When I look at them I feel a little lightheartedness set in. The '50s, beaches, fun in the sun, California dreaming...

Beach bag, towel, headed to the beach, me and my sister riding in the back of my dad's Ford pickup truck towards Long Beach, CA (okay that would have been the late '60s, but people were still using these dishes).

Our music tonight, also from the '60s... oh ya..

Rock on!!!

So, there you have it

Fun in the sun, Beatles Love Songs ahhh, relax.

Oops, the two tier thingingymabopper was upstaging the skytone teapot,

Much better!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Teacup Tuesday

Hurray!!! It's Teacup Tuesday.

I am so excited to get to share this pattern. This is an Embassy U.S.A. vitrified china cup. This came with enough pieces to actually set a table for about 6 people. These are very pretty, you just want to stare at them! I can't really seem to find much information on this pattern.
Kim at hosts our Teacup Tuesdays and does an excellent job!
I am so happy I have been able to participate along with Kim and the other ladies. I have been able to get a good start on categorizing my collection. I would eventually like to make a little picture book with a little write up on each cup.
Hope your week has started off well!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Cool clouds


I love clouds!
Absolutely cool! Gonna be my new header for awhile.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Bloggity, blog and a couple of fun pictures

I love old tapestries. They remind me of my mom. She loved old tapestries. Can you see the coach in the back of the middle of it? I feel fortunate to have this.

Next, remember the funky carpet in my last abode?

Well we're singing a different tune now...

Ahhhh, much better! That's pocket poochie Flynnie.


Lastly... ha... remember these two?

Steve, 21, single, God fearing, church going, snow shoveling, big mac eating, gonna be an accountant, all around good guy, working hard this summer in Oklahoma and....

my practically perfect in every way, pop-tart loving, little companion?

Well here they are just a few years earlier at the Pacific Ocean when we lived in Washington

I love this picture, they both look so happy!

That water was freezing and she would take off at lightening speed down the beach and he would catch her.

Fun memories.

Well, I am so glad it's Friday! Looking forward to a couple of days off work and hanging out with my daughter Kammi before she takes off for Germany on Sat.

Hope your weekend is happy!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Teacup Tuesday

Happy Tuesday. It's time for teacups!!!

Normally I tend to collect the older patterns that probably would have been used by middle class America; however, once in awhile I run across something that catches my eye and snatch it up.

This set was made by burton + Burton and is the Rosewood pattern. It is brand-spanking new and is microwave and dishwasher safe (gotta love that!). I got this at the cutest little shop here called Millie's. Now rumor has it that the shop owner named this shop after her grandmother and she has pictures of her grandmother up behind the counter. Oh ya, I teared up over that... so sweet. So, since it is PRACTICALLY IN MY OWN BACK YARD, I'll go back there and maybe meet the owner one day.

Kim hosts this Tuesday get together over at Shabby, Pink and Pretty ( and always has something beautiful to share. Thanks Kim!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Thoughts to share and stuff to see

Down here in our neck of the woods (Riverview, Florida), we have this stuff hanging off the trees. I don't remember this stuff on the trees in Miami. I think this stuff may be moss. It is super cool to watch swaying in the breeze.

Now, my thought on this stuff (which I am sure you are all just itching to hear) is that it could be some of the most romantic, walking through the trees on a breezy summer day with your sweetheart stuff or....

could be twilight just before the vampires come out and you better get home stuff! Either way, it's just plain cool stuff.


Okay, next I found this little wall hanging in a little shop PRACTICALLY IN MY OWN BACK YARD!!!!

Oh ya, I'll be going back there.


Lastly, (do ya'll kind of perk up and shuffle in the pew when preacher says that, hmmmm?) I found this bunny in an antique store recently.

Cute huh? This bunny serves a useful purpose...

He holds cotton balls.

He really is Peter Cottontail!!! Ha


It's FRIDAY!!!!! Happy Friday one and all!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Teacup Tuesday

Tuesday means teacups!

Thanks go to Kim at for hosting the event!

This is a Homer Laughlin Best China cup and saucer. I don't know the date on these. I have 2 cups and 2 saucers of this pattern. One of the cups evidently spent time in the Williamsburg Lodge in Williamsburg, Virgina because it is stamped with that on the bottom. I find that fun.

One wonders how the cups happened to make their way out of the lodge to be sold secondhand, hmmm. Must have changed dish patterns or perhaps they actually sold the cups.

I find this pattern comforting and happy. Hope your day smiles!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Out and about

We start our journey with a trip to Dairy Queen on Friday. Friday's are the days my little companion and I go for ice cream, since I do not work Friday nights. We were lucky enough to have an added companion, recently arrived from Germany. I decided to go ahead and take their picture here because my smallest companion informed me that Dairy Queen in the picture was from 1692. Very interesting, though y'all might like to see a Dairy Queen from the 1600s.

Here's a picture of my two darling daughters in the aromatherapy lab. Now some folks call this a "KITCHEN" but we just don't really feel right about that. An aromatherapy lab is much more accurate. There are times we use it to cook, but we really intend on using it to conjure up lotions and potions and really fun things (as soon as we learn how, reading up on it now).


On to today. We took off and went to Kissimmee, took us about an hour and a half, or a little less to get there, and went to..... Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament. We got to see fun stuff...



Too last season?


Oh look, the gals in a "vintage" aromatherapy lab.


Our companion, recently arrived from Germany, felt her husband would like this workshop for his woodworking.


Enjoyed great food...

Our handsome knight tossed littlest companion a flower, awwwww,


We cheered our knight on to battle, we watched some awesome horsemanship, had a great dinner, and all in all had a wonderful time.
Tomorrow we look forward to the Lord's day and gathering with our brothers and sisters in Christ to worship God. Hope your day is fulfilling!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Teacup Tuesday

Today I have two teacups to present. First, this pink one is labeled Tuscan Fine English Bone China Made in England. It appears rather simple and yet the more you are around it the more you like it. It has a wonderful shine to it.

My little companion feels this teacup is "boring," and so I decided to show two teacups.


Now this one is Royal Vale Bone China Made in England. It has been well loved over the years. I really like the color on this one, kind of a mint green or sea mist. A little different or at least not as "boring." ha!

Kim hosts Teacup Tuesday at Shabby, Pink and Pretty and she has a beautiful collection she shares with us on Tuesdays at Thanks Kim!

Friday, July 3, 2009

A Quick Post

I had found these figurines while in Minot and have had them for probably 6 months. While out and about the other day look what I found...

It looks like they are going to have tea! It's so fun being a girl!!!


Okay, found this too. Made by Lane and very reasonable, I thought ($15.00), for such a pretty piece of furniture. I will probably have more pictures of this later as I get this wall spruced up.

For now waiting for my number 3 child to arrive from Germany. She's been able to go to Paris and Ireland and other REALLY COOL STUFF while her husband is serving in the Air Force over there.