Friday, July 31, 2009

Finally Friday!!!

Well, haven't we had the busy week! We had 4th in line child, 2nd in line son, drop by for a little visit on their way to DISNEYWORLD!!!! He brought his lovely wife and adorable boy child with him. I had a horrible time trying to get a good picture.

Look, there is (are, am, be... take your pick) little companion, adorable boy child, and pocket poochie!

But, alas the trio (son, wife, and adorable boy child) moved on and it's Friday. Little companion and I had our usual Friday Dairy Queen, old car show, shopping spree, and then SHE pooped out. So here I am... what shall I do....

I found this the other day,

so, let's play with dishes!!!!!

Today we will be using our Homer Laughlin Skytone. Our dishes are from the 1950's. When I look at them I feel a little lightheartedness set in. The '50s, beaches, fun in the sun, California dreaming...

Beach bag, towel, headed to the beach, me and my sister riding in the back of my dad's Ford pickup truck towards Long Beach, CA (okay that would have been the late '60s, but people were still using these dishes).

Our music tonight, also from the '60s... oh ya..

Rock on!!!

So, there you have it

Fun in the sun, Beatles Love Songs ahhh, relax.

Oops, the two tier thingingymabopper was upstaging the skytone teapot,

Much better!


Pat said...

What cute finds. I'm sitting here with 3 fans going. Getting ready to go to the funeral then go junkin'.

Miss Janice said...

Love your 60's theme tablescape. Those dishes are beautiful and of course I love the teapot!