Friday, July 24, 2009

Bloggity, blog and a couple of fun pictures

I love old tapestries. They remind me of my mom. She loved old tapestries. Can you see the coach in the back of the middle of it? I feel fortunate to have this.

Next, remember the funky carpet in my last abode?

Well we're singing a different tune now...

Ahhhh, much better! That's pocket poochie Flynnie.


Lastly... ha... remember these two?

Steve, 21, single, God fearing, church going, snow shoveling, big mac eating, gonna be an accountant, all around good guy, working hard this summer in Oklahoma and....

my practically perfect in every way, pop-tart loving, little companion?

Well here they are just a few years earlier at the Pacific Ocean when we lived in Washington

I love this picture, they both look so happy!

That water was freezing and she would take off at lightening speed down the beach and he would catch her.

Fun memories.

Well, I am so glad it's Friday! Looking forward to a couple of days off work and hanging out with my daughter Kammi before she takes off for Germany on Sat.

Hope your weekend is happy!


Miss Janice said...

I love old tapestries. They are such a classic addition to home design!

Theresa @ Take A Sentimental Journey said...

Oh WOW VAlerie, I love that tapestry ! And that Steve looks like he will make some girl a fine catch one of these days !Hope you have fun on your days off !

ceekay said...

Well it looks as if puppy likes the new carpet. Tapestries are fantastic. I don't have any, but I have always admired them!