Monday, October 26, 2009

Tea Things Tuesday

Can it be Tuesday again already? Weird.
Nevertheless, it is Tuesday and time for.....
Thank you Kim at http://shabbypinkandpretty.blogspot for this opportunity to participate!
Okay, so today we have this teapot to share. This teapot is stamped Nordstrom and came with the box. I got it on ebay. I really vacillated on buying this one. I love it and yet, what does it go with, it's not really my style. I have looked for cups to semi-match and come up with black and then I think, would I really drink my tea out of a black cup? I don't think so.

It amuses me. I'll keep looking for a couple of pink cups to go with this. In the meantime, I'll just look at it occasionally and giggle.

I find it humorous (versus humerus - the upper arm bone, medical transcriptionist ya know).

Onward to my next item for show and tell...

Isn't this little miniature set fun?

Hope your Tuesday has some joy in it today!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Really fun finds!!!!

Last Wednesday Little Companion and I went to the library as we are oft wont to do of a Wednesday afternoon to return her 5 books and check out 5 more. Well, we stopped in the area where they have used books to buy, actually looking for tea books, etc., and we ran across these.

Which I thought looked really interesting for the maps, background and... really pretty pictures.

Thought they might be good resource books.

So we bought them and toted them back to our abode.

They make great coffee/tea table books. Little Companion loves looking through them. She showed me the old money and what was really fun was when she came upon picture of the Red Sea she told me Moses, and here she held her hands up and parted them like she was parting the sea. I was very impressed.

Next, I found this cool purple chair and ottoman. They are very comfortable and go so well under this Monet, it has purple in it too.

I like the look.

Lastly, this one is for Steve. (Told him I was gonna do this.) I used the aromatherapy lab (i.e. kitchen) to chef up a pizza casserole that Theresa at http://theresa-sentimentaljourney.blogspot shared on her Oct. 6 post. It turned out sooooo good. We had plenty of left overs.

I know that Steve and the Big Kahuna are eating healthy, well balanced, appetizing dinners over there in Oklahoma, just thought he might like the picture.

Ha! Miss you Steve, wish you were here!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Tea Things Tuesday

It's Tuesday and Kim at is hosting another party for us!
Today I'm sharing my Dubarry Teapot by Homer Laughlin. This teapot was made in 1940 and is of the Eggshell Nautilus collection.

The teacup is Homer Laughlin Cashmere and has the Eggshell Georgian shape.

The teapot is in excellent condition and of course was made in the USA.
Happy Tea Things Tuesday!!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

My weekend project

Meet the new addition to our furniture family.

How adorable is this little beat up telephone table! The seat lifts up for phone book storage, HOW FUN IS THAT???!!!!

Now she's a little beat up and a little musty smelling so we need to get her all cleaned up and spruced up a bit. She had 3 layers of covering on her seat... that had to go (a bit odoriferous).

Washed her up and gave her a couple of undercoats of off white.

Now a lot of folks would have stopped at this point, and she was looking good, but alas, I just couldn't stop.

She wanted to be rosy pink. Some varnish, new padding, and a fabric remnant completed her makeover.

Now ain't she just the cutest little old thing!

I have a Florida table and now I have my Oregon telephone table. Reminds me of roses. Go Sunset Apollos!!!

For you a rose in Portland grows.

Happy Monday!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Awesome things

A foggy morning

We used to call these elephant ears when I was growing up, made Little Companion stand here to get a little perspective as to the size of these leaves...

Yep, some good size leaves for sure!

This is the view from our back door.

This sign is about 25 feet from our back door.


Now, lest you think mayhaps they are just kidding...

They are not. That little black spot there in the middle is Mr. Gator himself. We do not let pocket poochie out there. I call him gator bait.

What, these birds don't hang out at your house and tap on the back door? Hummmm. They are very cool but you have to watch your trash, they can easily wrestle down all the cans on the street before the truck arrives.

I like to say we are living in Jurassic Park. I do say it with awe though. What wondrous things!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Tea Things Tuesday

We are moving along into the week and happily another Tea Things Tuesday has come along to put a bright spot into our day.

Thanks Kim for hosting this lovely event. You can find Kim at
As we are still in the 90s here in Florida, I just am having the hardest time getting into the whole fall, winter's just around the corner thing. So today we are having tea with our Homer Laughlin Skytone teapot and cups. These are from the 50s and I just love the sleek lines, they just scream 50s to me.

We've also have our Crate and Barrel sugar and creamer, and some tea spoons Little Companion spotted in North Dakota while thrifting. Good eye Little Companion. (I have found that phrase intriguing ever since Steve's Little League days in Abilene and try to use it as often as possible!)

After tea I say we tie on a scarf, jump into the convertible, and roll on up the Pacific Coast Highway and gaze in awe at the spectacular views! Ahhh, okay in our dreams.
I'm also going to share a couple of tea books with you. The first one I love because of the beautiful pictures.


Too pretty!
The next one I just got this weekend at Barnes and Noble and am so excited. It has all kinds of fun information in it. Can't wait to dig into this.

I just love tea books. Every so often it is fun to get a new one.
Hope your week is filled with love and peace!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Show and tell

I'm going to take this Friday as an opportunity for a bit of show and tell. Now I know that where some folks are the temperatures are dipping and fall has set in signaling winter is just around the corner.

Not so here in Tampa, it's 90 heading up to a balmy 92 degrees this afternoon. So, my little friend here has a couple of ice cream cones for us to share as together we peruse my treasure.

My daddy made this for me a couple of years back.

A quarter and penny in the middle signify my state of birth and year of birth. I am a second generation Wyomingite. I was born in Wyoming, dad born in Wyoming, and grandfather was a full-blooded Scotsman, having immigrated from Scotland as a small child.

The quarters and pennies surrounding signify the state of birth and year of birth of each one of my children; Oregon, Colorado times 3, and Florida.

The back opens up....

and there is an envelope with the 2 oldest grandchildren names and date of birth and then a penny with their birth year inside. I have 2 more grandchildren to add since he made this for me.

Hope your ice cream is holding out okay because I have a poem to leave you with since we're talking of my dad and Wyoming... a little cowboy poetry.

Out Where The West Begins

Out where the handclasp’s a little stronger,
Out where the smile dwells a little longer,
That’s where the West begins;
Out where the sun is a little brighter,
Where the snows that fall are a trifle whiter,
Where the bonds of home are a wee bit tighter,
That’s where the West begins.

Out where the skies are a trifle bluer,
Out where friendship’s a little truer,
That’s where the West begins;
Out where a fresher breeze is blowing,
Where there’s laughter in every streamlet flowing,
Where there’s more of reaping and less of sowing,
That’s where the West begins;

Out where the world is in the making,
Where fewer hearts in despair are aching,
That’s where the West begins;
Where there’s more of singing and less of sighing,
Where there’s more of giving and less of buying,
And a man makes friends without half trying —
That’s where the West begins.

Arthur Chapman © 1917-1918


Have a wonderful weekend!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Tea Things Tuesday


A fun weekly event hosted by Kim at

Today we have our tea things on a tray. This is a good time of year for our Brown Betty teapot and Homer Laughlin Kingston Wheat pattern dishes. These dishes are from the late 1940s and are well suited for autumn.

The little plaque reads, "Don't let the grass grow on the path of friendship." This was a gift from a fellow waitress when I quit my waitress job in west Texas . Those were some interesting years, the people, the stories.... but I digress,

Brown Betty is sitting on this cute little leaf trivet I picked up for around a dollar while out thrifting. Our tea of choice was Sweet Oolong Revolution by Tevana, very tasty indeed!

Happy Autumn and Happy Tea Things Tuesday!!!!

Friday, October 2, 2009

On a quest

We were on a quest today here in the Tampa Bay area.

Our tunes of choice came from the band...

I do have to warn you though, if you pop this into the CD player in your car this may happen,

(She's dreaming of being a dancing queen.)
Back to our quest, which takes us to...

Now, this is not a store I frequent all that much anymore but I was having a hankering for a red rubber ball and a little 4 square (divided by 2).
Alas no luck. No red rubber ball, but we did find...

a pink and red rubber ball and we figured for grandma and her little companion, this was pretty much perfect. We had so much fun playing 4 square (divided by 2) in the driveway tonight we'll have to make it a habit!

I just couldn't decide which of these photos to share.