Monday, October 12, 2009

Tea Things Tuesday

We are moving along into the week and happily another Tea Things Tuesday has come along to put a bright spot into our day.

Thanks Kim for hosting this lovely event. You can find Kim at
As we are still in the 90s here in Florida, I just am having the hardest time getting into the whole fall, winter's just around the corner thing. So today we are having tea with our Homer Laughlin Skytone teapot and cups. These are from the 50s and I just love the sleek lines, they just scream 50s to me.

We've also have our Crate and Barrel sugar and creamer, and some tea spoons Little Companion spotted in North Dakota while thrifting. Good eye Little Companion. (I have found that phrase intriguing ever since Steve's Little League days in Abilene and try to use it as often as possible!)

After tea I say we tie on a scarf, jump into the convertible, and roll on up the Pacific Coast Highway and gaze in awe at the spectacular views! Ahhh, okay in our dreams.
I'm also going to share a couple of tea books with you. The first one I love because of the beautiful pictures.


Too pretty!
The next one I just got this weekend at Barnes and Noble and am so excited. It has all kinds of fun information in it. Can't wait to dig into this.

I just love tea books. Every so often it is fun to get a new one.
Hope your week is filled with love and peace!


Mary said...

Hi Valerie,

I love Homer Laughlin...that blue set is beautiful! Yes, a drive in a convertible with a scarf around my neck and wind blowing in my eyes would be...yep, in my dreams! Love the way you created that image! I also have several tea books...they're always soothing and inspiring. Hope you have a wonderful Tea-sday!

God bless,

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

I also love Homer Laughlin and all kinds of tea books. What a wonderful collection you shared today.


Anonymous said...

Good Morning and what a lovely 50's tea you have set for us!
I so love beautiful books like these.
But if we went for a drive in our convertible today, we would drown as it is pouring upon the Pacific Coast Highway this very moment!! Hardly fit for man nor beast outside today!

Shabby Kim said...

Beautiful blue tea set Valerie. I love how the cups have the creamy white handles on them. Fun pieces to mix and match with some pretty floral china.

Love your tea books as well. I have quite a collection of them myself and I really should show them one of these days. I'm guessing we might have a few of the same books.

Hope your having a good week and that it's cooling down some for you. Still cold here in Minnesota but the snow is finally melting.

Take care..

Candace said...

I love your 50's teaset. It is especially beautiful when clicked on and enjoyed full sized. The little teapot that accompanies your pretty books is a cutie, too.

Bunny said...

Your teaset is just adorable love the colour it is so very different. I also love those tea books they are wonderful.

Vicki said...

Hi, Valerie,
I enjoyed my tea very much from that beautiful Homer Laughlin tea set!! That is the prettiest color of blue, too. I would love to join you in a drive down the Pacific coast highway. I have always wanted to take this scenic route and stop in all the towns along the way to do a little antique shopping. Blessings to you! Vicki