Saturday, October 9, 2010

Out and about

Little Companion and I had many little tasks to accomplish today and I must say we did well.

In addition to the mundane... post office, store, etc., we took some time out to have a little park fun.

The grasshoppers were plentiful. 

We were very happy that little Flynnie did not pull on his leash today. 
(So happy in fact I had to post about it.)

After visiting the post office we saw that the firefighters were having a pumpkin give away. So... I pulled into the parking lot of the itty bitty store and encouraged Little Companion to jump out and ask some questions. 

She answered a question about fire safety and they graciously put this guy in our van and off we drove.

Of course when we got back to where we hang our hats she wanted to carve it, immediately.

Oh why not.

I'll carve if you clean Little Companion. (Now where are those knives the Rainbow Vacuum guy gave me ...)

Hahahahahah! Look at that face!

Okay, she was really happy with the end result.

Better after it got a little darker.
Beautiful fall day today.

Looking forward to the Lord's day tomorrow!


Johnna said...

O wow free pumpkins that is awesome! Looks like it was a fun day and I love the face on it! Very cute:)

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

What a fun day! Great job little companion :-)