Thursday, October 7, 2010

Fall over here

I must admit I am not a go all out decorate every nook and cranny for fall kind of gal. However, we do have a few fall fandangles and doodads adorning our humble abode.

Take for instance we adorned our sun porch...

and we embellished our kitchen counter,

we even bedecked our Little Companion.

So I found the delight Little Companion showed over the newest fall flounce atop the bookshelves a tad bit amusing.


Let us take a closer look...

Yes, we have a couple of faux garlands purchased at the local Ben Franklin.

Don't you just love 7-year-old girls?

We have yet to get all our belongings in one space. A love seat will eventually go between the bookshelves and the TV will migrate leftward. Do you like the curtains over the bookshelves? That was a fairly recent project of mine. I think they look less busy this way in a modest size space.

Hope you have a warm, comfy weekend!

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