Friday, September 4, 2009

Chilling on a Friday night...

Well, I tried to stay in and just take care of myself (trying to get over bronchitis) but alas, just could not do it. After little companion exited the school bus and jumped in the van, instead of the van turning right, as it should have, it went left and off we went bumpity bump in the opposite direction. Found a thrift store I had never been to before. Did not really find too much today although there were a couple chairs we may look at again tomorrow. Little companion found a VHS of Mary Martin playing Peter Pan for the TV broadcast. It was fun to watch tonight but some parts were pretty intense for a sheltered 6 year old girl! ha.

So, after they both went off to sleep made myself some cinnamon and orange spice tea and read some blogs.

Bill had an interesting tip over at that he got from Susan at He says to try not to use flash photography if at all possible and his pictures were so good, had to try it myself. So here we go.

We have our Brown Betty teapot, Norway Rose Cunningham & Picket cup and saucer, Homer Laughlin bread plate, and a couple of Yankee candles. This was with the flash.


And this was without.

How cool is that. Now my room is always a little dark once the sun goes down (even with 4 lamps and an overhead fan/lamp). Does give it a warmer look doesn't it.

Okay, so tonight we're drinking tea trying not to cough too much, and enjoying the evening listening to a "new" Righteous Brothers album. Tonight we'll just relax. Peace to you.


Vicki said...

My goodness, Valerie, you are sure bringing back memories for me: The Righteous Brothers and Mary Martin as Peter Pan! I love Homer Laughlin china. Is that little tiny cup at HL piece? I believe it is holding some sweetener. I think your pictures look great. Thanks for the tip about flash. Hope you get to feeling better soon! Vicki

Mary said...

Hi Valerie...not sure if I've visited here before, but find your blog delightful! I read Susan's and Bill's post about Susan, but forgot to try it when I took photos...will try it tomorrow. Love the Righteous Brothers!

Have a wonderful week-end! Mary