Thursday, September 17, 2009

Out and about with a purpose

Well been feeling the urge to create. I get these urges off and on, kind of an addiction thing. I tend to "get my fix" and then move on. So, it is time to sew again. I located a fabric store and off I went, lickety split (after I picked up Little Companion from school, stopped by the bank, and just a quick snack at McDonalds).

Cool store, only explored part today. We were there 2 hours and never got to the craft section. I have always liked Joann's even though through the years they may have been a tad more expensive. Maybe that's why they are still around!

So this is what we picked out. This purple is soooo rich, love the color. It's a very soft velour.

Going to attempt D (second from the left).

This is the lining for the little jacket. (I just can't seem to get a better picture of the purple, so very dark, but it's purdy!)

We also got some of this material. Isn't it cute? Little teacups and hot chocolate, perfect! Since the pattern on the fabric is fairly busy I think I'll keep the dress fairly simple.

When shall we start this undertaking? We have gathered the supplies. We have the material the patterns, the zippers, the thread, the tape measure, the chalk. We have preshrunk the material but... we can't find the pins. I HAVE LOST MY PIN CUSHION!!!!

You get attached to a particular pin cushion, you know just which way it will tip, how far to push the pins in before you get poked. Okay, I have to ask, did any of you ever walk out of home ec with their pin cushion still on their arm, come on, fess up, hummmm?

Hopefully tomorrow I will find it (could be I stuffed it in my sewing machine the last time I used it, before I closed the case and toted it off to Florida by way of North Dakota) because once I start a project I want it done, no messing around. Start it, finish it, enjoy it!

Now this is how we justify this expense. McCalls and Butterick patterns were $1.99 today and simplicity was at a good price too. Ha


It's time to create!!!

Have a great weekend. Lots of smiles.


Vicki said...

Hi, Valerie,
That is a cute pattern for your little one. Be sure and show us pictures when you are finished. My hat is off to you. I can barely sew on a button (usually the thread gets twisted and I am ready to growl by the time I get it on.) Have a great Friday and wonderful weekend. Vicki

Theresa @ Take A Sentimental Journey said...

I wish we had a JOann's here.We have 1 fabric store in this big city ! Can't wait to see the finnished project !