Thursday, September 3, 2009

In lieu of Teacup Tuesday

Okay, just have to tell you I am going through what you could call Teacup Tuesday withdrawal (on top of bronchitis). Kim is having some computer trouble so could not host this week. But I am determined to do a tea post even though I miss the group fun!
So here we go.

Found this little cobalt blue teapot on ebay, very, very reasonable.

Found this little warmer at a thrift shop, even more reasonable.

Pair those up with this cup I was given when I worked at Good Sam in Washington, oops we need one more thing....

That's better! Have a wonderful day!


Mary said...

Ya know, I thought about putting up a teapot post on Tuesday, even though Kim wasn't there to link us together, but got so busy, I gave up the idea. Glad you did it...that will make Kim happy! Maybe I'll go ahead and put one on today, too! Love the cobalt blue!
Take care!


Vicki said...

Hi, Valerie,
I am glad you shared your cute teapot and warmer anyway. The tootsie roll pop tops it off perfectly. Have a good end of the week. Vicki

ceekay said...

Oh...I see it was a chocolate needing day! I have those often! That warmer is soooooo cute!