Saturday, September 5, 2009

Out and about and what we brought home...

Today we went to the library and got my little companion a library card OF HER VERY OWN!!! It was a successful operation and she was very pleased, proud, and excited. She is in a brand new school this year and so far they have no books in the library, so this was extremely fun.

This facility is set up very well in that the children's section is secluded behind glass with one door in and out. Thus, if a very protective grandma were to take her 6-year-old granddaughter to the library she could, in theory, sit in a chair between book racks and said door and make sure little companion did not wander out or get nabbed while choosing her books. She is quite a proficient little reader at 6.

Now, I don't want you folks to be jealous, but I must say in the 92 degree heat today I got a primo parking space under this here shade tree.

Ha, okay just kidding about the shade.


Remember those chairs I spotted yesterday? Well took my sweety pie daughter over to peruse them today, we both agreed they would be just perfect.

Now here's where I spin you my tale.
There were two other lovely women really looking them over, a-poking and a-prodding, they would sit, they would stand, they would look. At one point I believe they even took pictures. Then they briefly stepped away.

Um hum...

It was at this point we made our move and headed directly to the cash register, paid for said chairs, and even had the audacity to ask for help loading them. Bought them right out from under those lovely unsuspecting ladies.

Now let me show you why,

Are they not just perfect for this spot? That's the little table I got a couple of weeks ago. They are so comfortable. We're planning on some little plants for the shelves on either side of the picture.

Now that's my story and I sincerely hope those lovely ladies found some equally lovely chairs to enjoy!


Vicki said...

Hi, Valerie,
I loved your story about the chairs! I am so glad you got them. They look perfect with the cute table. I am so glad you took your little one to the library. I believe love for reading is formed at a very early age. This is a former schoolteacher, now retired talking. Have a lovely week ahead. Vicki

Candace said...

I took my children to the library before they could read, and just after they could walk. They are middle aged now, and have had a lifetime of loving to read. Love your chairs, they look very charming in their new spot.