Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Inside on a fall day...

The sun did not shine.

It was too cold to play.

So we sat in the house all that cold, cold, wet day.

I sat there with Flynnie, we sat there we two,
and I said how I wish we had something to do.

Too wet to go out
And too cold to play ball.
So we sat in the house.
we thought about fall! 

Earlier that day I had gone into town where there just happened to be a Hallmark shop around.

I found two small candles all fallish and ready
to come to my house and sit with Brown Betty.

I added a doily all lacy and pretty to join the decor on the table
I had placed there already.

A little scarecrow snuggled up to Brown Betty and fine faux fall foliage stood at the ready.

So we two might have thought we had nothing to do but,

with the aid of Brown Betty,

we had fun inside where it was dry and warm.


what did you do?

(Would like to thank Dr. Seuss for letting me quote from The Cat in the Hat and for allowing me to make a few personal adjustments to his wonderful work.)


heidikay_2002 said...

love it! Very clever.

Piney Rose said...

What a fun little poem! But a very bleak day.... I do like those every now and then though- it allows me do much dreaded paperwork and filing.