Saturday, September 25, 2010

Fall festivities

There are many things that are associated with fall; the change of leaves, the cooler weather with the promise of winter around the corner, Halloween, and of course...


Now I don't want to shock any of you but Texas is not the only state that has high school football. Although celebrated in different ways, I would venture to say all across America the homecoming football game and dance are a tradition.

Harvey, North Dakota is no exception.

This last week was a very busy week filled with a lot of spirit for the Harvey Hornets.
Today there was a parade, a pep rally, football game, and later the dance.

Here is one of our 3 friendly police officers leading the parade. Oh look, there is an American flag flying in the background.

The plan is to trap the Garrison Troopers!

King and Queen riding in their chariot.

Some of the football players.

The non-marching band.

I like this sign, "Hornet pride city wide." I have to agree, there was quite a turnout for the parade.

One of the fierce Hornets!

Oh look! There is our Little Companion. 

She completed junior cheer camp this past week and was able to participate in a few cheers/chants at the pep rally earlier in the day and then again before the big game.

The Hornets on the right, Troopers on the left. Good sportsmanship is highly encouraged here (I know because the guy said so over the loud speaker.)

The sweet cheerleaders.

The younger girls had a great time.

Ah yes ... homecoming. 

Memories from the past and making memories in the present. 

Can you feel fall now?


Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Very sweet pictures!


Candace said...

I enjoyed all the pictures especially the one of LC cheering. She is getting quite a varied education. Love the small town feel of your post, and the fall feeling. Back here in Florida not so much fall feeling yet, lol.

BECKY said...

Such fun Valerie!! You brought back memories for me! The little scenic town up the road from us about 6 miles is where my kids were all in the homecoming parade. They have a huge alumni group too that returns each year to enjoy the festivities!

Thanks for sharing this made me smile and warmed my heart!
Hugs and love,

Charli and me said...

What fun!!! Our grandson is a varsity football player and we are having a fabulous time at the games. Thank you for sharing with us. I can still remeber my own homecoming football game.