Monday, September 20, 2010

Headed southeast ...

Saturday pocket poochie and I found ourselves all alone as the rest of the pack was staying in the big city for the weekend. 

What to do, what to do.

Always ready for an adventure, pocket poochie Flynnie and I decided to head south of town about 3 miles and 2 miles west to the Lonetree Wildlife Management area to see what we could see.

Way back in the early '80s I briefly worked for the Bureau of Reclamation on the Federal Center in Denver, Colorado when James G. Watt was Secretary of the Interior. Now James G. Watt was raised in Wheatland, Wyoming right along side my dad. 

James G. Watt has been attributed with such quotes as: 

Liberals have shifted government into a position of being neutral between right and wrong. By concentrating power in government institutions, liberals chisel at the three pillars of society: the family unit, work ethic and faith. That's not good for America. U.S. News and World Report, November 11, 1985
"If the troubles from environmentalists cannot be solved in the jury box or at the ballot box, perhaps the cartridge box should be used." The Earth's Storm Troopers Phoenix New Times August 7, 1991.

 but I digress..
So we drove 3 miles south and 2 miles west on this road

Fearless pocket poochie and me, until we arrive here

It was pretty but I just could not overcome the sensation that came over me when I imagined wild raccoons and badgers and such roaming around in this secluded place with just fearless Flynnie by my side. 

So we surveyed the scene...

and pondered this for awhile...

Being citified I just can't really imagine this.  Can you read it? It says, "Attention bird hunters. Deposit wings here, see instructions on envelopes." Ya, don't want to think about that much.

So we jumped back in the car, retraced the 2 miles back and 3 miles north and then headed southeast to Jamestown. What is in Jamestown, North Dakota you might ask? 


This guy is colossal!


Okay, he's concrete but still.

Built in 1959. A very good year if I do say so myself!

Having no Little Companion to photograph I made Flynnie pose. He likes his stroller very much. Makes him feel secure. It was a little chilly so he had a blanket tucked inside too. He is a cross between a Yorkie and a Bichon Frise and has only the top layer of hair, no undercoat, so we try and make sure he doesn't get cold. 

After making him pose I chuckled all the way back to the vehicle! Posing my dog for a picture, who was riding in a stroller ha! Still makes me chuckle!

Okay, after buffalo hunting I decided to drop in on a couple of local thrift stores here. I found nothing at one but the other had these ...

Cobalt blue salt and pepper shakers in a little carrier. I just love cobalt blue.

They are not stamped, just say salt and pepper.  I was happy to add these to my collection.

Pocket poochie Flynnie and I made it back home safe and sound after our most wonderful adventure.

I will be joining Sally at for Blue Monday. Thank you Sally for hosting Blue Monday!

Hoping you have a wonderful week!


SmilingSally said...

Cobalt blue has long been my favorite shade of blue.

Happy Blue Monday, Valerie! Check out my book giveaway.

Vicki said...

Hi, Valerie,
Flynnie is a cutie, and I am sure he likes to have his picture made. Seeing him in the stroller reminds me of "Charlotte's Web" when Fern puts Wilbur in her doll's stroller. Just too cute. Love the salt and peppers you purchased. That deep color of blue always makes me smile. Have a happy week, my friend~ love and hugs~ Vicki

eileeninmd said...

Wonderful post and photos. Being a birder I had to cringe at the thought of bird hunting and that box. Your Flynnie is a real cutie!

Donnie said...

I really enjoyed the photo trip with you and Flynnie and I saved on gas too. Happy blue Monday.

Cass @ That Old House said...

Your pocket poochie is adorable -- and what a grand travel companion. He must love your adventures together.

Bird wings??? OUCH.

Reading that sign made me laugh -- but I feel guilty laughing!

Charli and me said...

What a sweet little pooch you have! I have heard of those strollers. I would like to get one for Charli. I think you have such a sweet little travel companion. Thank you for sharing part of your adventure with us :>)

Ceekay- Thinkin of Home said...

I have a girlfriend that would absolutely flip for those S&Ps. And if you love my scarecrow...wait till you see the new one I got this year!!! It is way cute I think!