Friday, May 28, 2010

Doily daze...

I bet you thought my doily days were done, didn't you!

Well, think again...
I just haven't posted any the past couple of weeks.



This is my first attempt at filet crochet. I enjoyed the outcome but found the process a little tedious. If I had been able to enlarge the pattern a bit and use a highlighter to mark out finished rows I probably would have found it a little more enjoyable. The mint green is a fun spring color.

This is Arabella. I had a lot of fun with this pattern and enjoy the process as well as the end product immensely. I used DMC Cebelia crochet cotton for this and just love everything about it from the color to the feel. I enjoyed it so much that...

I had to make some coasters to go with it.
I have hand washed every one of the doilies and coasters now and they will be ready to travel clean and fresh. After hand washing and blocking I also understand now why you should do this instead of ironing them. They turn out fluffier, the parts that need to be turned get turned, and it just has a nicer overall effect. I would highly recommend this method versus the washing and ironing route.

I will enjoy being able to use these when I catch up with my dishes in a couple of weeks.  

We are off to Valdez tomorrow on a quest to peruse a glacier up close and personal.

Have a safe weekend!


Vicki said...

Hi, Valerie,
I am so glad your doily daze aren't over. You do such beautiful work. I know you will be glad to be back with your dishes very soon so you can use these pretties. Enjoy your weekend, sweet friend~ Vicki

Shelia said...

Morning, Valerie! OH, I didn't know you were a crocheter and a mighty good one at that! Love your pretty doilies! I crochet too and have made my share of doilies. I love to use them too in my home. I go through stages. Right now I'm in a no doily stage. But give me a month or two and I'll be poking them under things again!
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Miss Janice said...

Oh girl, I tried that and between my horrible up-close vision and my issues with sitting still, it just wasn't working. Your pieces are gorgeous! Happy Memorial Day weekend to you:)