Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Tea Things Tuesday

When we came on our journey to Alaska we brought two suitcases  each and what they would allow us to carry on the plane. We wore our warmest coats in preparation for the February weather in Fairbanks. We did not bring any tea paraphernalia (we did of course bring tea).

So here we are in Alaska, on Tuesday, doing tea laid back Alaska style ... with a mug.  We're going to mesh that with a doily I made and mix it all up with some original artwork by Little Companion. Ready for the ride?  Come along then!
We'll start with a doily. This is my newest doily. I really like that star and I am going to enjoy it particularly on the 4th of July.

Next we will add a piece of original artwork. Now if it were Sunday we could use this one ...
When I look at this I think this is representative of the faithful Jews before Christ having their sins rolled forward and the Gentiles after Christ all being offered salvation through Jesus, The Rose of Sharon. Is that what you see?

This picture would be very pretty but, alas, it is not Sunday.

Okay, it's Tea Things Tuesday, how about this one...

I love this one. Look at those springy teacups. Let's use this one! 

Next we'll add a cup.

Forget-Me-Not, Alaska State Flower. Pretty mug, yes?

 A teabag rest to match and...

That'll do! 

Happy Tea Things Tuesday! 


Liz said...

Awe! How sweet that you were able to have original art and something crafty .... Tea on the fly! I did not know that Forget me-nots were the state flower for Alaska.... I bet it really is beautiful now as spring rolls around... :)


Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Very lovely. Thanks for sharing tea with me today :-)


Mary said...

Oh, I love your beautiful doily...it will be perfect for July 4th...and the beautiful Sunday artwork and china...why not use it for Tuesdays as well, I say!

I hope you enjoy many hot cups of tea while in Alaska...there are some gorgeous places to see there...I haven't been there, but I've seen many photos of it's beauty...maybe you'll get a glimpse of Sarah Palin, too!


Candace said...

Everything looks so charming and cozy. It is nice to have pretty things no matter where you are.