Monday, May 3, 2010

The Alaska House Art Gallery

Where has our outing today taken us?

Why, we are smack dab downtown Fairbanks, Alaska at ...

The Alaska House Art Gallery!!!

Awwww, cute!

Fabulous building. Although things seem very old here, by east coast standards they were built just yesterday. This building was built in 1938 and is downtown.

A little info on the house itself. I like that it was built by an artist (a photographer and craftsman) and houses an art gallery today.

The little ivory carvings are wonderful.

So much to look at.

This guy is called, "The Shaman Calls The Seals" and is made of seal gut, seal skin, and driftwood. The artist is Earl Atchak from Chevale, Alaska.

This is the fireplace made of river stones.

I believe this was my favorite display. That is a walrus skull and ivory on the left, an ink and watercolor above, and the little drummer and dancer. Beautiful.

See this?

This is a mammoth bone with a crystal center. The crystal is actually the lid and the center is hollow. Here's where the plot thickens...

Little Companion vastly admired this mammoth leg with crystal top box. The owner told Little Companion she could touch it and Little Companion promptly extracted the crystal lid to hold.

While she was holding the lid, I was holding my breath!

I actually had nothing to fear. She was very gentle and loving with it and we replaced it all intact.

Little Companion and the owner had a very nice conversation, at the end of which she gave Little Companion her card and told her to call her any time, should she have any further questions.

Definitely a place to visit if you are interested in local Alaskan artwork.

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Vicki said...

Hi, Valerie,
The art house looks like a fabulous place to visit. I love the vintage building it is housed in. Little Companion is being very gentle with the artist's work, too. I am sure she is enjoying all the outings you are taking while there in Alaska. Have a lovely week, dear friend. Love and blessings to you~ Vicki