Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Pioneer Park

In Fairbanks, Alaska there is a magical place called Pioneer Park. This park was built for the Alaska 1967 Centennial Exposition.

This is the only historic theme park in Alaska.

The grounds are open all year long but the attractions open the end of May. Little Companion had early release last Friday so we were able to snap some photos before the crowd gets here.

This is a cache. They would store their food and other supplies in these little houses, high off the ground safe from bears and other wildlife.

There were a couple of buildings connected with authors.

This cabin was taken from the red light district. There were fences at either end of the street to protect the innocent from views of debauchery.

View of the different buildings lining the street.

The little carousel was built sometime between 1915 and 1920 and was brought here from Kirkwood, Illinois.

I thought this moose swing was just too cute!

This cabin was built in 1926. The man had always dreamed of having his own home and realized his dream at the age of 55.

This was one man's castle. This man's dream came true. Lucky guy!

All things are relative, don't you think?

These all open up and become a bustling hubbub of activity come the end of May!

This is the SS Nenana. This is the largest stern-wheeler ever built west of the Mississippi and claims to be the second largest wooden vessel in existence, it is a national landmark.

This is President Warren G. Harding's rail car.

Denali means the great one or Mt. McKinley.

President Harding was the 29th president and was the first chief executive to visit the territory...

he came to Fairbanks to celebrate the completion of the Alaska Railroad in 1923 (he died about 2 weeks later of a heart attack). Can you imagine a president traveling in this? The thought amuses me!

We hope to be able to get back here after the attractions open. This would definitely be a place one should consider visiting for the history, along with the fun!

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Kathie Truitt said...

I've been reading all of your posts. You have wonderful adventures. I've never been to Alaska but always wanted to visit. Something to put on my bucket list.

Great photos, too.