Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Traveling to Valdez

Our last big trip here in Alaska was to Valdez. 

Memorial Day weekend we loaded up the car, jumped in, tuned the radio to 790 on the AM dial and went jamming down the road toward Valdez.

We picked a good weekend. The scenery was beautiful and the sky at this time was clear.

Good traveling companions helped to keep the mood light.

Hard to keep a good girl down!

Another view of the Alaskan pipeline.

The pipeline is an amazing structure built in the middle of the wilderness. For some reason seeing it here in this vast wilderness gives me a feeling of security.

Alaskan beauty.

Isn't this a magnificent slide area?

As we were standing there taking this picture we started hearing what sounded like rain. Turned around and noticed small rocks tumbling down the mountainside. Oh ya, we hightailed it outta there lickity split!

The Wrangell Mountains.

Angelic Little companion.

Mischievous Little Companion.

Smile... snap... off we go again with the AM radio pumping out the tunes!

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