Thursday, June 10, 2010

On our way

We headed back to the lower 48 last Friday and have not really stopped to take a breath yet. We landed in Oklahoma and took off for Colorado and now are in Texas. We will leave Texas early, early Saturday morning. Will catch up on everyone's blogs as I can over the next couple of weeks. Stay safe and know that you are all being thought of daily!


Vicki said...

Hi, Valerie,
Welcome back to the lower 48. I can't believe you were so close to my home. I live only a short way from Temple. My oldest son and his family live in Temple. Enjoy your weekend, sweet friend. Lots of love and blessings being sent your way~ Vicki

Sandy at Teacup Lane said...

Hi Valerie,
I've so enjoyed "seeing" Alaska through your eyes! Too bad we just missed each other. We are in Whitehorse, Yukon for a few days and hope to be in Alaska (finally) by the end of this week. We are taking our time and not rushing up the Alaska Hwy. We noticed the little towns may have a "Subway" or an "A&W" through Canada but not a lot of other US chains restaurants. But that's ok with us we are looking forward to trying the little cafes and restaurants in Alaska.

Miss Janice said...

So now, what are your plans????