Monday, July 19, 2010

Harvey Fest 2010

Now not everyone knows this but every year,

about this time,

there is an event held in Harvey, North Dakota called ... Harvey Fest.

During this 2-day event there are numerous activities and happenings to participate in. There is a tractor show and a parade, there is drama, there is music, there is wine tasting, and there is an arts and crafts festival.

We were not able to, or chose not to, participate in everything but we did spend an early hour Friday playing in the street they had blocked off for dancing. 

Harvey has a thriving downtown.  Although not necessarily one of the prettiest downtowns I have seen, definitely one of the most viable.

Two random townspeople out for fun. 
(Okay just kidding that's son Steve and daughter Heidi.)

Look at all the little girls having fun. The boys were walking around acting cool!

Saturday we were able to get to the arts and crafts festival. 

 We found a couple of fun things. The welcome to our cottage sign and then a microwave potato bag.

Doesn't this look fun? I have never seen this before. Going to have to grab some potatoes soon and try this out!

We were also busy shuffling things about at the house this weekend. We have a wonderful neighbor that brought us over some cucumbers from her garden. Very tasty indeed! 

Sundays we head on into Minot for church. On our way home we cruised Balfour, North Dakota to see what we could see. Not much there, looks almost like a ghost town, but there is this cute church building tucked gently away in the back of town.

Sign says it was built in 1906. It looks like original stained glass. Isn't it sweet?

Wishing you a lovely peaceful week!


Ceekay- Thinkin of Home said...

What a gorgeous church building. Oh I can so see a wedding getting pictures on those stairs...have a great week my friend.

Miss Janice said...

You are always scootin'!!! Thanks for the mini-tour and love your cottage sign. I absolutely love going inside old/beautiful churches. I would rather tour a church or cathedral than an art gallery!