Thursday, July 8, 2010

Frisbee golf course

Well look who decided to join us on our adventure in North Dakota.
It's Steve!!

Steve has decided to finish up his accounting degree at Minot State where they have a wonderful program and he can minor in tax fraud ... watch out!

This has made little companion very happy.

She doesn't really understand yet he will be living in Minot and she won't have him to wake up at 6 o'clock in the morning forever but for now she is soooo happy!

Okay, now on to the Frisbee golf course.

Today we went over to the Frisbee golf course and scouted it out.

It is so cute!

The grounds are very well taken care of.  I think they mowed just for us.

We didn't have a Frisbee but we probably wouldn't have played right anyway. Might be a good idea to have a clue about the rules first!

A little area to sit a spell, picnic, or just...

Listen to a Taylor Swift song sung by Little Companion. (Amazing how she is growing!)

Wrapped it up and came on home. It was a beautiful day, about 72 degrees, a light wind blowing. I think North Dakota gets these kinds of days during the summer to compensate for those 30 to 60 below zero days during the winter. 

We are thankful for the beauty of today!


andsewon said...

What fun, never heard of one of those. Pretty course though.
Yes LC is growing! She does look taller.
Well she can enjoy S for a bit than maybe every now and then...;-)
Nice temps.. we have been too hot, too long and no rain.

Candace said...

Such a beautiful place and right now the weather sounds perfect. Here in Florida it has been very warm (of course).

BECKY said...

Looks like a lovely day for you Gal! And those temps are wonderful, even tho' I do love my Florida heat!!
Have a blessed week!