Friday, July 30, 2010

The Corn Palace, Mitchell, South Dakota

After we picked up our pocket poochie, and a few other things, we headed up I35 and continued pretty much straight north for almost a billion miles (or so it seemed) through Kansas and Nebraska and into South Dakota where we headed for...

Mitchell, South Dakota and the Corn Palace.  
Some people are lucky enough to live here and see the new themes every year. 
Other people are lucky enough to see the Corn Palace once in their lifetime. 
Me? I am lucky enough to have now seen it twice in my life, once in the summer of 1977 and now 33 years later. 

Imagine that!

We just looked at the outside and shopped around a little as we had the pocket poochie with us. It was actually cool enough that we could have left him in the car but we decided instead to chauffeur him around in his stroller. He was very comfy and calm and we were able to take him into the gift shops that way.

The corn palace is redecorated every year with a new theme.

600,000 pieces of corn are used to decorate the outside each year.

3,000 bushels of grains and grasses are also used each year: milo, rye, and sour dock.

Nine different colors of Indian corn are used to create the mural pictures and over a ton of nails, staples, and wire are used to fasten the corn and grasses.

The streetlights had these cute little corn pictures on them.

It was fun to stroll around the area close to the Corn Palace.

The view from across the street.

Now this is a true claim to fame, the world's only Corn Palace! 

Little Companion, pocket poochie, and I had such a nice time we may consider visiting again next year. We would love to be able to see it all aglow at night.
For the moment though we are safe and sound and enjoying being reunited with our pocket poochie!


Candace said...

Boy, I always enjoy your photos and your travels, but this one I can really relate to as my brother, mother and I took a quick driving trip through the area about 6 or 7 years ago and we did stop at the corn palace. It was something. Thanks for the reminder of a fun trip.

the voice of melody said...

It seems like a fun place to stop and visit. It must take some kind of imagination to think of the different themes and be able to execute them so wonderfully! Glad you had a great time. :)

Vicki said...

Hello, Valerie, my friend,
Well, it looks like the long drive was well worth it. I had never heard of the Corn Palace so this was very interesting to me. Looks like the theme this year must be transportation, amazing art work done with the corn. You and Little Companion enjoy your little poochie and have a beautiful week~ Vicki