Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Before and after

We have been busy with many things the last week or so. 

Little Companion will be entering 4 pieces of art in the state fair this year.  There are specific rules that go along with this and it makes it somewhat of a process. We have had them matted and shrink wrapped and now just have to put on the hanging devices, name and address, and get them there.

We have also been dealing with some house issues that we may or may not be blogging about later, although it has been very interesting!

We are living in a charming 1911 house that is just cute as a button, hoping to be able to start sharing some pictures soon.

We had a few things that we grouped together for the bathroom.

Here is what they would have looked like before a little spray paint...

hum, okay... after

Ta dah!!!

(The towel rack really is not curved.)

Better, yes?

Have a wonderful week!


andsewon said...

Go LC sure she will ribbon is something she has done!
Oh we are house fluffing now.;-)
Look forward to seeing all you do!

Have fun settling in!

Vicki said...

Hello, Valerie,
Wish your little companion the very best for me!! Hope she wins!! I love the transformation on the pics and the shelf, very charming. Hope things go well with the house and all. Love to you~ Vicki

Candace said...

How exciting for LC, I'm sure she'll do well.
Looking forward to more pictures, the bathroom wall grouping looks really nice, and such an improvement.

the voice of melody said...

Valerie, that's exciting news about Little Companion! My very best wishes to her. So you are back in North Dakota? It sure looks beautiful and peaceful. I remember the snow pictures you shared before and it's great to be able to enjoy all 4 seasons, each has their own charm and beauty and you always do a great job at capturing exactly that.

Sweet blessings!

The Memory Keeper said...

Love the white! My DH starts hiding things when he sees me with a paint can...LOL

Piney Rose said...

yes, I like it much better!