Monday, April 26, 2010

The Knotty Shop

On the way from Fairbanks to Delta Junction there is a special place called...

The Knotty Shop.

It is filled with an assortment of knotty treasures.

We're in luck, they are open!

There are trinkets and treasures galore.

As well as functional items...

I'd adjust my attitude real quick!

We had a rifle range at my high school in Beaverton, Oregon waaaaaay back in the '70s. I've always thought it would be fun to learn to shoot a rifle... may have to look into that some.

A nice little wildlife display.

On our way out ... bye bye Mr. Moose.

(I am about to describe this wood in 4 sentences or less. You would probably want to explore this in depth and quote "reputable" sites if you were writing a research paper.)

For those of us who know not why or what this wood is, it is burl wood. Basically the knots are caused by some kind of stress on the wood, insects, mold, etc., which deforms the grain and the knots form. Different kinds of trees can form these burls. This is evidently very valued by artists, wood workers, and others for it's various patterns and beauty.

Little girls like it because someone can make something cute out of it.

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