Monday, March 29, 2010

Downtown Fairbanks, Alaska

This weekend my daughter went snowshoeing in Denali National Park so my Little Companion and I just sat around and moping and sulking...

After we went to McDonald's for breakfast and she had played awhile, we headed downtown Fairbanks and perused the Chena River.

There is a sidewalk that runs alongside the river and we found this little viewing area overlooking the river.

Here's a ramp to be able to get onto the river. People actually use the river to drive on in their trucks and snowmobiles. Look at all those tracks!

Sadly people do occasionally go through the ice but for the most part it is probably safer than driving the roads at certain times of the year. Even now they say the ice here is 50 inches thick.


There is also a park by the courthouse.

Very cool, very large statue.

Oh look at all the knowledge she is soaking up!


Oh ya. How cute is this place and how...tempting!

Bear tracks.

We were in luck, OPEN!

Are you loving it so far?

Hi Little Companion!

This place was very cute. Had a little gift shop area having all things Alaska and OH THE FUDGE! We selected some fudge, looked around, and then left.

It was so cute I would like to go back sometime for the soup and sandwich!

Happy Monday.


Vicki said...

Oh, yummy, fudge. I would not have been able to resist. That is a very cute diner, too! It is amazing that the river is so frozen that one can drive on it. It looks like you and little companion had a good time! Have a beautiful week, Valerie! Vicki

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

What great pictures!


Piney Rose said...

I would have gotten the fudge and skipped the soup/sandwich too! LOL.

Miss Janice said...

That Fairbanks is one icy place:) You are really seeing all the sights! Have a wonderful Easter up there.

Shelia said...

Hi Valerie! Oh, what a trip! Your Little Companion is simply adorable. Now fudge! I could sink my teeth into some right now.
Thanks for popping in.
be a sweetie,
Shelia ;0