Monday, November 30, 2009

Tea Things Tuesday

Hello and welcome. It's Tea Things Tuesday!!!!

A big thank you to our lovely hostess, Kim, at

Now, last week I had introduced the Priscilla pattern and told absolutely everyone that I was going to clean it all up and send it off to my sister.

Well, that didn't happen. :(

As I was a cleaning the teapot up I noticed that there were a couple of spots in the teapot that were just not coming clean, so there had to be a couple of little flaws you really could not see but I'm just not comfortable using old dishes that way, much less sending it off to my (truly 100%, why would I ever exaggerate) angelic sister that way.

So, we had to find a suitable alternative. Luckily, we just happened to have one!

This is the Cashmere pattern by Homer Laughlin. This was also made in the very early 40's. We also had some dessert plates to go with this set...

and threw in 4 little silver teaspoons. Look at the shine I put on those babies (they were quite tarnished, dirty, dirty, tisk, tisk).

Decided she needed an infuser and just happened to have one that fit really well, it was meant to be!

I threw in a doily and some of that Casablanca herbal blend "tea."

UPS did a wonderful job packing and shipping and it should arrive in Colorado by Friday.

Love my sister, wish I could do more for her!

Me ... and... She

Happy Tea Things Tuesday!!


Happy Cottage Quilter said...

How very sweet. I think YOU are the #1 sister :-)


Shabby Kim said...

Your sister is one lucky lady Valerie as that tea set is beautiful. What a generous gift you gave her and I know she will love it and put it to good use. Have a great week!!

Theresa @ Take A Sentimental Journey said...

Beautiful set Valerie. Can I be your sister ? LOL

Erica said...

What a beautiful teaset......such an adorable picture of you and your sister. Thank you for visiting my Blog and your kind words.

andsewon said...

Oh my what a lovely tea set!!
Also what a lucky gal your sister is to have lovely you for a sister!!!
What a sweet pic of two sweet lil gals!!

Candace said...

Wow, your sister is going to have such a good day today. Everything is lovely.

the voice of melody said...

This is so beautiful, so clean and shiny too. ;)

You sure did a sweet thing for your sister, what a way to brighten someone's day!