Monday, November 9, 2009

Tea Things Tuesday

Happy Tea Things Tuesday!
And a big thank you to Kim at for hosting this event!
Now this is not my collection, these belong to my Little Companion, and this story probably really belongs to her but hey she's 6, so I'm just gonna borrow it for awhile.

This is Little Companion's little hutch. We found this out on one of our adventures and it was just the right size for Little Companion. She already had her china (Anniversary Rose by Royal Swan) which we had found in North Dakota. She also has a small creamer collection, she likes to pour her milk out of these in the morning, and she also has her own flatware.

But... she did not have her own full-size teapot.

One day she asked me where the teapot that went with these dishes was. Well -- says I -- that would be really hard to find, maybe impossible. BUT, I had this one that I had found while we were out thrifting recently and it actually looks pretty nice with her set. She decided that would be an acceptable alternative.

So, there you have the story of how Little Companion acquired her first teapot. It is not china, it is a Teleflora teapot, but it will due until we happen to stumble upon an Anniversary Rose Teapot by Royal Swan! Ha

Happy Tea Things Tuesday!


andsewon said...

How sweet is that!! Love Little Companion's hutch and tea service.
I can tell she will be drinking and serving tea for many years to come!
What a wonderful memory you have given her!!!
By the way did you know there are folks that collect the FTD and other such teapots and things??
It is a very pretty one too!
Cute post loved it!

Erica said...

What a lovely hutch and tea set.......what memories you have given. Happy Tea Things Tuesday!

Mary said...

Oh, how absolutely adorable! Don't you love Little Companions? I love my little companion...she makes my heart sing, and she also loves tea, like her Mimi (me!). That is a precious hutch and tea will have many special moments sharing tea with her!

Happy Tea Things Tuesday...God bless!


ellen b. said...

Valerie! How cute is that to have that little hutch with this sweet set displayed on it. Love the design and that teapot goes very well with it! Enjoy...

Pauline said...

This is so cute :o) When I was a little girl I wanted a small china teaset like my older sister had. Instead I was given a plastic set...I was NOT happy, lol!!

Shelia said...

Hi Valerie! Oh, how precious this is! Now you are starting your Little Companion at an early age to become a Dishaholic! Bless her little heart! That little hutch is just the cutest thing and all of her little dishes.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Shabby Kim said...

Your little companion is one lucky girl. What a sweet tea set and that hutch is just darling. I hope she continues to enjoy collecting beautiful dishes as she grows older. There are lots of pretty treasures just waiting for her to come find them.

Vicki said...

Hi, Valerie,
Please tell your sweet little companion that she has a beautiful tea set and a darling hutch to display it in!! You are starting her off right with a wonderful collection of things she will always cherish. Thank you for stopping by for a cup of tea today and blessings to you, sweet friend! Vicki

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

How very sweet! Love it that the teapot matches so well. Glad that it was acceptable :-)


Candace said...

How wonderful for your little companion to have those beautiful things to own and enjoy. I love it all, and the hutch is a worthy display for her beutiful treasures. How sweet for her to start her mornings with using and enjoying them.