Sunday, February 14, 2010

More important stuff

So in the quest for the all important can't-do-without stuff to take on our journey into the frozen arctic, we (meaning me) decided we needed one of these little devices.

This little device is a recorder/player. It will record live and you can then upload it to your computer or play back through headphones or computer. You can also download music or other audio from your computer.

Can use it for your easy listening pleasure or tape preacher's sermon (to check all those scriptures later). Then you never know when the song lyrics to the next #1 might just pop into your mind and you might need to belt out a song right then and there and where would you be without your teeny, tiny recorder!


Now what's amazing about this all so far is that everything (Go Bible, teeny-tiny recorder) fits into my noise-cancelling headphones case nice and tidy as you please!

The next must-have item for our journey is this notebook computer. It is a lot smaller than a lap top. I have been using this for the past couple of weeks for blogging, email, etc., and it has worked just fine so far.

We got this at Wal-Mart and daughter and I will share this while in Alaska. So here's my story on this...


I told daughter dear I would like to buy this little treasure since I was not too confident in its ability to perform the tasks we wanted and if it didn't work I didn't want her to be out any money.

You want to hear what she said?

She said she wanted to buy it because if it didn't work SHE WOULD RETURN IT!

Hum, well ... she won.

Ain't she a sweety!

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andsewon said...

Wow you are really into this traveling light...;-)
Sounds like you have a sweetie gal there for sure!!!