Thursday, February 18, 2010

Books to take...

Okay this is the reading material I had decided on this afternoon. Now though after visiting Liz, over at Rose Vignettes, I may also take Persuasion by Jane Austin.

I have had all these books for awhile but have been so busy I have not had much time to read. We have our Old and New Testaments combined bible in the front along with the New Testament only on top. The new Tea Companion I started but got distracted along the way and did not finish it. I'll start over. Then a couple of little pocket books for fun.

This also gave me the opportunity to play with my camera. Copy mode, black and white.

Copy zoom, how cool is this!

Food mode. Can turn it more blue or more red, hehe.

All this, the tea, plus the previously mentioned items, pretty much fills up my carry on. I'll have the psaltery and my purse and then everything else gets checked or if necessary shipped later.

We're getting there!


BECKY said...

Hi Valerie! Well sounds like you are just about ready to go! Do take lots of photos!! Can't wait to see them all! That art pic in the previous post is definitely cool! What talent she has!!

Have a great weekend. I will be praying for a wonderful safe trip for you all!!

Sharon said...

Have a good trip the reading material looks good and I like the black and white picture on your camera.

Piney Rose said...

Hope you have a wonderful time!

Cass said...

Wow, what an adventure. it looks as if you'll be taking some good companions in the form of great books!

You are brave... Alaska? Eeek.

Have a spectacular time, and get lots of pictures, of the fab scenery, and also INSIDE ... I would love to see what Alaska houses are like!