Saturday, March 7, 2009

Into the belly of the beast...

Off work today, time to get down to taking care of business. So, the task before me is to change the air filter. I know this must be done approximately every 6 weeks or so (with the filters we use) and Mr. Steve did it before he left in January that means it is past due. I know this has to be done but, normally through the years this has been a delegated task I mean after all, for the past 30 years or so I've had sons at home. I know the concept though and have faith in my ability to do this. Here we go.

Behind this door lies the belly of the beast, yea, the very bowels of the rental house.

Being a former girl scout, these are the tools I decided would be useful in this task. Phone in case... well just in case... and something to write down the size of the air filter.

Unlock the door and check out the goat trail that leads down. Luckily the beast has a well lit bowel!

I spot my target.

As I draw closer, what luck!! Someone has left me an unused air filter.
After some time I figure out where to put the thing. (Tip: If you do this make sure you see which direction the arrows are pointing before you pull it out). Being a quick thinker, I use my handy-dandy pen I brought along to pry it out and get it replaced.
Old filter into the bag that the new filter had been packaged in in and back up the goat trail.
Lock the door.
All told, took maybe 8-1/2 minutes and never needed the phone.

Good to go for 6 weeks. Will get more air filters today while at the store. Thanks for participating with me in this. WE DID IT!!!!


Theresa @ Take A Sentimental Journey said...

You are so funny ! When you said "well lit bowel" It made me think of a colonoscopy, LOL .

ceekay said...

Thanks for stopping by and saying hello. Wll, you are a brave girl. I would have been running back up the stairs! Well, as fast as this ole girl runs anywhere!

Miss Janice said...

You're braver than me...I'm not sure I would have gone down there! Good job girl.