Wednesday, March 25, 2009


And yet ANOTHER blizzard in Minot, North Dakota.

Okay, okay... thankful we are not getting flooding. Bismark, Fargo, expecting very bad flooding. I can be thankful we are not getting flooding. Thankful I have enough food (and chocolate) so I can make it through. Thankful I have heat and electric. Thankful that no one on my street has ticked off anyone down at city hall and they are still plowing our road. Thankful my son in law will come shovel my walk (very heavy snow this time). Thankful to have a forum to voice this. Okay, attitude adjustment almost complete.

Favorite quote at this moment: Ms. Kitty in Fivel Goes West, "I've got a ticket to sunshine and I'm going west!"


Theresa @ Take A Sentimental Journey said...

Glad the snow is there and not here! hehehe.I bet you are tired of that stuff .

Shabby Kim said...

Hi Valerie,

Hope you've had a great week despite the lousy weather. We aren't much better over here in Minnesota but I know someday soon the weather will get nice and stay nice. After the long, cold and snowy winter we've had, I'm more than ready for some heat and humidity to take the chill out of my bones. Take care and have a great weekend.


Liz said...

Hang in there. Spring is coming!
Hope your okay!


Miss Janice said...

Lord have mercy...a blizzard there? Well, you definitely have a good attitude about it. I hope you don't run out of chocolate!

ceekay said... I guess I should get my guest room ready? You can't get much more west than us, unless you want CALI!!