Saturday, August 15, 2009


Do you ever have those times where in your mind's eye (love that phrase) you see something one way and you gather the tools, do the project, and then stand back to look at your handiwork and laugh and say OH GOOD GRIEF WHAT HAVE I DONE!!!!

Well, I had one. I tried to cheap a window. Don't ever try to cheap a window, they don't like it.

The curtain rod ends up with a half smile snarled upon it's ugly lips. It laughingly mocks you until you throw up your arms and decide you better get to Lowe's as fast as you can to grab a rod that will work before anyone sees the ugly reality that you tried to cheap your window!

You grab a water bottle and crackers to sustain little companion whom you will pick up from day camp and take with you on your quest.

Stop for a photo opportunity, who could pass that up!

With my little companion riding the cart like on the movie Titanic we sailed the isles and found proper rodage to appease our window.
Quickly through Dairy Queen drive through tonight, no time to stop, and on back to the house. By this time little companion's mother was home and it was fairly cool so we decided to mow the lawn (as the housemate who had agreed to do yard work had abruptly departed, the lot fell to us).
She started on one side of the mammoth house with her newly purchased gas mower (abruptly departed housemate took the gas mower they had), I on the other with my lightweight electric, and really long cord, and together we knocked out the project in about 45 minutes. Gasping for air and water by the end of the project, we decided to wait on fixing the mocking window until Saturday, when we finally wiped that smile off the windows face.

Ah much better!

With this we were able to block most of the sun's heat while maintaining light through the upper most part. I also really like the curtains that move so easily on the rod.

Then we figured we should do a tablescape.

Here we have the Embassy USA Vitrified China showcased, our green goblets and chargers (Goodwill and Salvation Army) and our Old Country Roses flatware. Little companion's mother did the napkin fold (something she was taught at John Robert Powers in Coral Gables all those many years ago) along with cloth placemats and a freshly ironed tablecloth.

A little bohemian, old mixed with new in a workable way.


Then we ate pizza, put little companion to bed, and are planning on watching Iron Man II, if the video store has it! Been a tiring but productive weekend. First day of the week tomorrow, get to worship the Lord with like minds, best way to start the week. Wishing you a restful Sunday my friends!


Pat said...

Oh that came out looking sweet and cozy. Have a great Sunday!!!

ceekay said...

Glad you got your curtains up the way you want...some things just don't go as easy as we would like. Hope you are having a great weekend.