Wednesday, May 6, 2009

My little candle problem

Remember back awhile ago when we had that little "problem" with our candle?

Well, we did resolve it not long after that with what we felt were very good results.

Nice and tidy, much much safer, and a very nice glow when lit! Thought I'd share that with you before it all comes down for the move.

I should be honest though and tell you that I didn't even know this could be done until one day when I was at Goodwill and this lady I was casually talking with just popped one of these little glass holders into something like this. I hid my awe adequately and took my new found knowledge with me. Not long after I found a couple of these holders for a very reasonable price and here's the result. Pretty cool!


ceekay said...

I LOVE using candle cups. No more crooked candles and less dangerous. You will get thing...battery candles!

Miss Janice said...

Much better...let us know when you move--to Tampa, right?