Wednesday, April 22, 2009

My diner look...

I worked in the 24-hour restaurant business as a waitress for about 8 years. Terms that might come to mind are slinging hash, greasy spoon, etc, but hey the hours were right, the money okay, and I didn't have to serve alcohol (didn't mind serving it too much, did not want to have to push it, or "suggestive sell it," personal decision). I met a lot of interesting characters during those years working third shift and first shift. So, after searching high and low in the thrift shops, this is what I have come up with. Cute little vintage tablecloth, salt and pepper shakers, sugar shaker, little vase, fake flowers, and cute little basket that works as a sugar packet container. Now all we need are some pancakes, eggs, and bacon to go on our Homer Laughlin plates! (We're gonna have to find a cook though, I just served the food, I didn't cook it!


I also need to say happy birthday to my little companion..

That's our pocket pooch with her, Flynn. They love to play outside. Happy birthday Anabelle!


ceekay said...

I love diners. When we travel we always eat at one if we see one! If I had a basement kitchen, it would be decorated like a diner. and boy, the breakfast sounded good. Guess I will settle for my bowl of cereal!

Miss Janice said...

Love, love diners. And, I love that little pooch also! Happy birthday to Annabelle!