Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Definite appreciation

As you may know, I have been able to view life from a little different perspective the past few months. My daddy is in Colorado, my sons hither and yon, so I have been able to experience life you might say from the ground up. Things that were taken care of magically (daddy), or delegated to (sons), now end up on the desk of the person who bears the sign "the buck stops here."

With that in mind, I must tell you of something that happens twice a week here. Every Sunday night and every Wednesday night I drag the trash can out to the alley, occasionally I pile boxes by the can, and the next morning, like clockwork, it disappears.

Now I realize I pay for this service but they do it soooooo well. It is like a mini Christmas twice a week. Junk out, junk gone. Rain, snow, ice, blizzard... gone. They even tip the can upside down so it doesn't fill with snow or rain. So, I just want to say bravo to my trash guys in Minot, North Dakota for a job well done, you are appreciated!!!!

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Patti Cakes said...

Where would we be without the garbage man.