Friday, November 21, 2008

Thanksgiving tablescape

Minot has some wonderful second-hand shops. Clean, bright, open. The people work at displaying the objects well and the prices are reasonable.

In keeping with my scaled-down house, I went scaled-down shopping for mini things for our thanksgiving day mini tablescape. My granddaughter and I have been working on the table decorations for this year together and I was looking for finishing touches. Keeping everything in mind I was looking for small touches for a small table that will move easily. I was able to find some cute things that will work very well.

And then I spotted these

A teapot, 2 mugs, salt and pepper shakers by Ganz,
(the tea tastes great out of it)

and these,

and I started to dream about Christmas vacation and cookies and hot chocolate and chatting with my Anabelle about oh so important 5-year-old things.

Yep, they all came home with me. We may have a mini house but we have a hugh garage!


ceekay said...

So funny....I tell my husband I cannot downsize. Not that I have that much furniture, but I need a room added on just for the dishes! Glad you have a huge garage!! Have a great week.

Theresa @ Take A Sentimental Journey said...

Just think Valerie, you have the whole garage to fill up ! Yipee !

the voice of melody said...

Looks like you picked up some great finds. Good for you! And, yes there's nothing like talking about what 5-year-olds want to talk about. The chats I have with my 6-year-old son are so much fun! :)