Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Space challenged

Our 1909 house in Guthrie, Oklahoma

4 bedrooms upstairs, my office, big kitchen, basement with washer and dryer, clawfoot tub in bathroom upstairs, double car garage.

Isn't amazing how we don't tend to feel we have so much stuff until we downscale a bit! We (son and I) have moved into this little rental that has great possibilities of cuteness for say a couple just starting out, a single mom with a little one, etc. I just plain have too much stuff! (Husband is in Oklahoma selling the house while I help with granddaughter, while daughter gets established in career.) Now the thing is, during this transition the challenge is that I live off what I make, ha, and in a very small space, with 2/3 of the stuff we have and make this happen in a happy way, of course. We don't plan to stay in Minot all that long and are not sure where we'll be off to next, so the last thing I want to do is acquire more big stuff (like a washer and dryer, furniture that fits the house, etc). So we are making adjustments.
Here is my new laundry center and set up.

The little egg is the Wonder Wash. You put hot water in it and crank it for a couple of minutes and your clothes actually do get clean! Then into the sink for a last rinse. Then on the right you have an extractor. This is a great machine, it's actually electric and your clothes are damp, some near dry when you get them out and we hang dry in the bathroom where we have a couple of folding laundry stands where the washer and dryer should go. Believe it or not this is not that bad. We were actually happy to have it when we were iced in during the blizzard. We still take the big stuff either to the laudromat or to my daughter's, or if we get behind. I think it's kinda fun. My son, yes, he thinks it is "lame" hahaha!


Theresa @ Take A Sentimental Journey said...

Hi Valerie, where did you get your Wonder Wash ? and the extractor ?

Valerie@travelingthrough2 said...

Hi Theresa, So nice to hear from you! I got the Wonder Wash and extractor from the Laundry Alternative, Inc. over the internet.


Not sure if this will be a link or not. It has been convenient for us! Hope you're having a good day!