Tuesday, November 9, 2010

This and that

Yesterday I had to put aside my hooks and bust out ye olde sewing machine.

We had found some material that I thought was very much in line with the cottage style. We found this material for $8.00 at Goodwill, yards and yards, and in very good condition. 

Of course we washed and dried the material first. I don't think it had ever been washed, just stored. Tape measure and pencil in hand... sewing machine and iron at the ready... we began.

Through the magic of blogging ... we are now finished!

The curtains are really more red than pink. Think we need some red hand towels now?

I also made these ties to coordinate. 

Okay, see how they appear to be going up hill?

Looking right the same thing appears to be happening.  This is called an "OPTICAL ILLUSION" and really the ties are all approximately the same length. (But I am sure you knew that. Be sure to use your fingers and make the quote signs when you say "OPTICAL ILLUSION" it can be quite entertaining.)

See, all approximately the same length. Also made the little mat on the floor.


On a very different but totally exciting note, I received the boots we had ordered in the mail yesterday. I am quite excited about this.

I don't know if you remember the old rain boots that you would stick your shoes into but these are the same concept ... on steroids. These overshoes are Stabilicers by Neos.

They are exactly what I wanted. I don't like snow boots because when I pull my foot out my sock will come off, or the inside comes out, and causes me intense irritation. These I can put on with any of my shoes or boots and take them off once safely inside.

They open very wide and Velcro almost all the way down for secure fastening. There is also a strap that attaches and detaches to secure the overshoe around the front.

On the bottom not only does it have great tread there are also little bolts sticking out for traction on ice. There is a little tool in an inside pocket for removing the bolts if you don't want them attached.  I'm thinking with these babies, this year I won't land face down on the concrete sidewalk again!!!!

So there you have it. My daughter once told me I was like the character Nicole Kidman played in Cold Mountain, ladylike and yet competent in tough situations. I like that description.


Marydon said...

Girl, you did good! Love the fabric & creations you made.

Have a beautiful day ~
TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

heidikay_2002 said...

I love it!

Candace said...

Very charming additions to your bathroom, and I love your daughter's description. If I had a little girl to raise I would want just that type of lady to help me. I think you need to design a needlework "Ladylike and yet competent in tough situations" "I am woman hear me roar". We ladies have great potential don't we.