Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Cold snap

Sit awhile and let me spin you my tale...

Now, I don't know if you all were with me last year about this time or not. I was in Minot, North Dakota, in a house where I felt I was a bit space challenged, and the temperatures were plunging down to 20 and 30 BELOW 0, and the blizzards kept a blizzarding, and the snow kept a coming...

And I was a' moaning and a' groaning about the weather, how cold it was...

and how the snow plows could not keep up... and ice dams... and frozen doors.

Then we moved to Tampa, Florida, a veritable tropical paradise. Well the temperature has dropped to what most of the country would probably consider a balmy 41 degrees (right now) and we are a' moaning and a' groaning about how cold it is again. Now isn't that something?

Seems you just can't please some folks!

Hoping you have a warm place to snuggle and happy memories to ponder!


Vicki said...

Hi, Valerie,
Love your header!! It looks like a magical fairy land!! I guess Disneyworld is a magical place. Yes, I saw on the news where the farmers there in Florida were very concerned about their crops due to such cold weather. We are having temps below freezing here in Central Texas, brrr...and we are not used to that either. Stay warm, cozy and snuggle up with a warm cup of tea! Vicki

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Miserable, miserable, miserable is all I can say. I've lived in Florida for almost my whole life, and we can handle a few (maybe 2) days of cold, but then it is supposed to warm up again. There is more cold weather in the forecast, at least through the weekend. Uggg! Bundle up girl!


Sandy said...

I hope it warms up by the time we arrived at WDW this month! We were down there the same time period last year and we had to wear winter coats to watch the evening fireworks at the Magic Kingdom one night. And we are use to cold here in SE PA. Pretty soon it will be hot again! Love your WDW banner - we love to eat at the Crystal Palace. WDW is my favorite place to visit.

Teacup Lane (Sandy)

Liz said...

Oh Valerie! Your picture in the header is so beautiful!! I'm the same way about the temps. I was raised in MO were there is snow and sub zero temps regularly. But now that I have been in AZ.... I just can't stand anything below 60. LOL what a whimp!:)

Have a great week!

andsewon said...

I feel ya Valerie...too darn cold here as well.
We do have winter here but not this cold or this long!!Want my 50's and 40's back!!;-(
Saying some show showers this evening hhrruump!!

My water kettle is working over time making cups of tea!!!

Warm hugs,

Candace said...

It's funny how things change. I know when I lived up north and we had a cold spell this weather would have felt like sooo warm, but here in Florida, burr. I love your header picture, it makes me want to go to Disney. I'm going to look further and see some more of the pretty pictures.

Shabby Kim said...

I would so love to be down there in Tampa with you right now Valerie. Fourty one degrees does sound balmy and like pure heaven to me after the past few weeks of frigid temps we've had here in Minnesota. It's supposed to warm up mid-week to around 30 degrees and that's going to feel almost tropical for us here. Be thankful you are where you are even if it's been a bit chilly. Enjoy the rest of your weekend. BTW... Beautiful picture on your header.